This is an invitation: to celebrate gardening through the Welsh language, and the Welsh language through gardening!

To take part, simply use the hashtag #geirfagarddio on Instagram or Twitter when sharing pictures or observations about your gardening – in Welsh of course. We welcome learners – wherever in the world your garden is.

Do you have favourite resources, programmes, groups, societies, companies or social media accounts which help you to garden in Welsh? Share these too.

By sharing our resources and our research with each other we can grow our Welsh vocabulary – at the same time as our plants!

We’re on Instagram and Twitter.

Geirfa Garddio is a side project of Eating Our Gardens – but you don’t need to contact us to take part. Go for it – good luck, pob lwc!

Thank you so much to Hannah Garcia for the beautiful logo.

Geirfa Garddio was launched at RHS Cardiff in 2017. The sun shone for us! Pictures to follow…

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